Spanish Grove Academy
A Private Spanish Immersion School Education
22215 Wilderness Oak, San Antonio, TX 78260
P: 210-390-1470  |  F: 210-384-2507
Educating The Mind  *  Nurturing The Heart
Private, Spanish immersion school in San Antonio, TX

Our Mission


​We strive to create a better world through education in a safe, secure, and caring environment. We use research-based techniques to support all students to reach high levels of academic achievement and biliteracy in an independent learning environment that values multiculturalism. We recognize and celebrate individual critical thinking and asking questions to contribute to the common good. 



The purpose of SGA is to provide a safe environment where children are encouraged to grow emotionally, cognitively, socially and physically so that their greatest potential may be realized.


The following are the basic principles upon which our school community functions:

Kindness, consideration and respect for the feelings and well-being of others at all times.
Honesty in all personal and academic endeavors.
Respect for all property, that of individuals, and that of the school.

Compliance with the school’s program, regulations, and routines.

Always find positive solutions to problems.

Think critically and logically to solve not only your problems, but the problems of others.


We seek to provide an educational setting which helps our students grow socially and emotionally, learning along the way to:

1. Become increasingly independent

2. Use initiative in pursuing curiosities and asking the right questions
3. Have confidence in their abilities to become problem solvers and think critically
4. Feel secure in relationships with adults to foster meaningful connections with the world
5. Enjoy playing independently and with other children
6. Appreciate different points of world views by cooperating and resolving conflicts
7. Cope with fears, anxieties, and frustrations constructively
8. Demonstrate persistence in completing a task