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Preparing for Preschool

August 1, 2017


Entering preschool is a new and exciting chapter in you and your child’s lives. A world of learning and exploration await your little one, and the best way to help them get along is to be prepared. Ease your child’s transition to Spanish Grove Academy with these tips:



  • Maintain Communication
    Keeping a clear line of communication between you, your child, and the school is essential in simplifying your child’s transition. Communications may include big topics, such as health and learning needs, or smaller topics, such as your child’s mood or behavior on a particular day. By letting us know what your child needs or wants, we are able to best support them on their educational journey.


  • Stay Connected
    A great way to create synergy between your child’s home and school lives is to stay connected with classroom events. By keeping an eye on the classroom calendar and the teacher’s emails, you’ll be in-the-loop for all of your child’s learning subjects and activities. Most of our classroom topics are easy to implement in your everyday lives. Being able to reinforce the learning at home is a wonderful way to ensure your child has a thorough understanding of the material.


  • Make a Mess
    Children are messy, and they love to show off the different ways they can create chaos. Instead of fighting it, try to embrace it! In preschool, kids are still exploring new materials like paint, sand, play dough, and even dirt. Exploring these sensory materials is a great way for your child to engage in the learning process. Researchers determined that messy children often lead to smarter, more creative adults! Making a mess is one of the significant ways that children discover new things.


  • Practice Sharing
    When your child enters preschool, they are at an age where sharing will become apart of their everyday lives. To help your child get in the habit of sharing, we recommend practicing at home. Simple exercises and activities can help your little one get into a comfortable routine of taking turns, working in teams, and giving to others.


  • Encourage Play Time
    Preschool is a prime time for children to master the art of playing! By engaging in games and activities, your child is building brain pathways for thinking, creativity, versatility, empathy, independence, and many other life skills. Similarly, playing with parents and other kids is an excellent way for your child to exercise problem solving and communication skills! Play time is more valuable than you may realize, and is an important part of your child’s growth.


We hope that these tips help you and your little one prepare for the new school year, and we look forward to seeing you there! For more information about Spanish Grove Academy, contact us today!

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