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Our application process can be completed very quickly. Below are the steps along with a few details about the SGA Admissions process to get you started...


STEP 1: The Tour

We are always delighted to meet with parents and show them around. In an effort to keep our students in care protected and avoid disruptions, our policy is to schedule tours of the school in advance with the Director. All tours can be scheduled online here. Please note, during the Spring months, we receive a higher than normal amount of requests for tours. In order to accommodate all requests, your tour may be scheduled with other families as a "group tour". If you would prefer a private tour or if you have a special requested time for your tour, you are welcome to contact us directly at 210.390.1470 or by email.


STEP 2: Registration & Enrollment

Should there be space available for enrollment, families will be notified and may secure space by placing a deposit while enrollment documents are completed. Upon completion of all documents, you're now ready to schedule your family orientation. 


STEP 3: The Play Date & New Family Orientation / Interview

Our families choose Spanish Grove Academy in an effort to provide their children with the best in early learning. Our goal with our stay & playdates is to find the proper match between student and classroom, provide an opportunity for all of our students to thrive while offering our families the best experience possible.  Depending on what's more convenient for you, this step can be combined with your family interview and orientation or scheduled separately. All play dates along with new family orientations are scheduled here


STEP 4: Notification of Admission

Once you have completed all of the steps above you will receive notice by mail regarding your child's acceptance and participation in the program! We look forward to welcoming you into the family of Spanish Grove Academy!




Spanish Grove Academy seeks diversity in admissions and in all its educational programs and offers admission to qualified applicants regardless of race, color, religion, gender, creed, marital status of parents or national origin.

Our family cannot say enough about how pleased we are that we became members of the SGA family. In our opinion, SGA has raised the pre-school educational bar by providing quality education for its students while creating a loving, safe environment by its very competent staff. SGA provides a warm, learning atmosphere where parents feel they are dropping of their children with their own loving family members.The cost of services of SGA, the quality of staff and educators, the educational concern and development shown toward each student, the personal time and care shown by their flexible operating hours, and the cleanliness of the facilities make SGA one of the best hidden secrets in San Antonio.
-The Benavides Family




We LOVE this school. Our children have blossomed here. It's amazing how fast they picked up Spanish. All of the teachers and staff are incredibly professional and show a true interest in our children. I would HIGHLY recommend Spanish Grove Academy.


New Families


1. Create a sense of community & builds school spirit- uniforms build a feeling of teamwork and togetherness throughout the student body; wearing a logo every day helps to create and build school pride.

2. Improved safety & security- uniforms help to easily identify students, while ensuring children are properly dressed for any activity.

3. Break down barriers & reduces peer pressure- with uniforms, there is no need to worry about impressing others since all students dress the same.

4. Create a learning atmosphere- children learn to recognize that when their school uniform is on, it is learning time.
5. Saves time/ is very functional- uniforms are the hassle-free option of getting dressed in the morning. Just grab and go!


It is so exciting for us when we get to welcome you to the "SGA Family"! There are so many wonderful things in store for you and your child. The information we have provided here, on this page, will hopefully help you navigate through your first year at Spanish Grove Academy!

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