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An online preschool Montessori curriculum for ages 2 to 6 for children everywhere.
Private One-on-One & Group Lessons

Every morning join your friends from across the globe for a live group virtual circle time, with multiple start times available. The morning circle time provides your children opportunities to connect with other children from across the globe. The lessons include STEM, Music, and Spanish.

One-on-one lessons with certified Montessori instructors provide children opportunities to focus on Math, Reading, and other subject areas. Each session is 30-minutes long. The teachers will conduct an evaluation to learn more about your child and then personalize lessons based on what you, as a parent, want to achieve.


Not all Classrooms Have 4-Walls

Our virtual preschool program started in March of 2020 (we have been offering virtual education since 2012) and since then has welcomed over 500 students from all over the globe.

9 out of 10 parents highly recommended our virtual preschool.

Enrollment Options:
Try our program for one week for $39 (5 live morning circle time sessions or 2 one-on-one sessions since young children require more than one lesson to get used to a new program)

1️⃣ Complete enrollment application
2️⃣ Join edScription for access to our lesson plans and virtual community
3️⃣ Attend Parent Orientation to understand how the program works and schedule your child’s sessions
4️⃣ Attend live sessions during the week
5️⃣ After the trial, meet with our counselors to create a personalized plan for your child

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