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Our Programs


is a warm, vibrant community, where our goal is to graduate students who are joyful, resilient, life-long learners. We embrace a philosophy of education which combines a nurturing learning environment with a Spanish dual language education program for all skill levels. At Spanish Grove Academy we unite our community of different cultures and languages while our students are guided by those who provide activities and experiences to promote creative, cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth. Education is paramount at Spanish Grove Academy and so is our commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for every child.


-"SGA Familia" - a special culture of families, parents, parent volunteers, alumni, faculty & staff which create a warm & loving environment special to SGA.

-Dedicated Teacher in our State-of-the-art STEAM Lab. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

-Dedicated Teacher for our physical education classes in our Indoor Gymnasium with Basketball Court.

-Students learn a second language in classroom environments.

-"Musica y Movimiento" an exciting school assembly of all students, faculty, and staff joining together weekly to create a sense of family through music & movement.

-A curriculum uniquely developed from the best programs and designed especially for Spanish Grove Academy with a focus on literacy, writing, mathematics, music, science, physical education/development, and social and emotional development. 

-Low Teacher to Student ratios.

-Indoor and outdoor activities organized around learning centers.

-Storytime in our Library.

-Extensive outdoor "play patios" for outdoor classroom experiences.

-Scratch kitchen with nutritious cuisine made by our chef daily.

-Our facility is professionally cleaned daily by maintenance & janitorial service.

-Coffee Mondays provided for our SGA Parents & families! 



-All rooms, outdoor areas, and the front entrance have live-feed surveillance cameras

-Safety decking around all outdoor playground equipment

-First aid kits available throughout the school including each outdoor play area. 


And SO much more, to schedule a tour and learn what makes SGA a unique, private school experience, schedule your tour.

Infant, Nursery & Toddler (beginning at 6 weeks old)

Our Program includes indoor and outdoor activities designed to focus on enhancing the simple joy of childhood while nurturing curiosity through exploration. Students flow between the classroom and play areas with activity choices specifically created to engage their small and large motor muscles as they develop language skills.


Space is very limited in this program so we encourage Families to waitlist as early as possible as this program fills up quickly with siblings from currently enrolled children.


Ages 2 - 5 years old 

Our program for ages 2-5 include indoor and outdoor activities focused on learning centers.  Small group activities include story time, movement, music and art, math, and science. The founders goal when building SGA was to create a mini school for our students; that included the additions of a library, gymnasium as well as a state-of-the-art STEM lab!


Our loving teachers lead children through a day of discovery and organized interactions, the perfect opportunity to learn about sharing, and to develop independence. 

Our Advanced Early Childhood Pre-K program is designed to engage and challenge students who are advanced in both cognitive and fine motor skills. Students will be required to complete a Teacher observation and assessment to qualify for this program.

Across all programs, students are encouraged to participate in a wide array of school activities. SGA students have the opportunity to participate in a myriad of activities to encourage their passions and broaden their interests. The enrichment program is an alternative and supplement to our Aftercare Program. In our enrichment classes, your child will have the opportunity to explore and develop a variety of new interests. All classes are presented in a fun and skill-building environment. A variety of enrichment classes are offered each quarter of the school year. Each activity will meet one afternoon each week for 8 weeks unless noted otherwise. The programs are organized and developed for specific grade levels. If you have questions regarding the programs, please contact us.

Art, Chess, Basketball, Soccer, Fun Chefs, Dance, Drama, Golf, Jewelry Making, Karate, Mad Science, Tumbling

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