At Spanish Grove Academy (SGA), we understand that your child’s education and

care are a priority from the start and choosing the right program is a big decision. Our programs include a world-class curriculum and passionate teachers who meet the needs of students at every age and stage.



Spanish Grove Academy was founded in 2010 and celebrates being one of the first Spanish preschool programs in San Antonio. We are passionate about education, and we understand the importance of children learning through play and play behavior increasing cognitive function. Unlike many child-care centers, SGA was designed like a miniature school, offering children areas to explore outside of the classroom and playground. These amenities: our lab, library, and gymnasium, we still enjoy today - especially on days where our Texas weather doesn’t allow for outdoor play! We feel strongly that each stage of a child’s life is a building block. We are so proud of our school and our children’s enthusiasm for learning and fun at SGA!


Since inception, we have incorporated a theme-based, dual-language curriculum in our lessons and classroom experience. With our uniquely designed curriculum, we utilize Lakeshore’s comprehensive theme boxes for visual props and manipulatives with our curriculum, we’re able to offer an amazing, hands-on experience for each concept from math to dramatic play. Our curriculum is taught by multi-lingual educators, fully fluent in both Spanish & English languages; our teachers blend the different styles of education of Reggio Emilia *, Waldorf & Montessori*.  


*SGA is a proud member of both the American Montessori Society & North American Reggio Emilia Alliance.


Reggio Emilia* - using project-based units (or themes) based on children’s interest, learning about cooperation, problem-solving, and exploring through play and expressive art, among other things. 


Waldorf - using play-based with a dependable routine (certain days to visit the library, PE, lab, etc.), emphasis on arts, reading, singing, pretend play, etc. to develop individuals in a cooperative, creative, routine-based setting.  


Montessori* - using play & learning centers to allow children to work independently and enjoy self-discovery. Please note, since we only enjoy and use a modified education style of Montessori in a preschool setting, our teachers do not need to be Montessori certified. We realize it is essential for us to take a “best practices” approach and establish routines and structure since the majority of our children do not attend Montessori elementary but graduate to the NEISD dual-language (or traditional program) and or surrounding private schools which implement a more structured and routine-based learning style.



To further the success of our children transitioning to the NEISD dual-language program, we use Estrellita, a Spanish, dual-language reading program for our Traditional Pre-K4 and Advanced Pre-K3 & Pre-K4 classrooms. 


At SGA, our commitment is to graduate students who are bilingual and have learned both Spanish & English languages in a creative and fun environment where children and families never doubt that their teachers care and want the very best for their education. With our flexibility in educational approaches, coupled with an emphasis on learning through play and exploration, we can successfully achieve our goal for our students, which is to be the most prepared for their transition to kindergarten!

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