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5 Tips For Families

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Many families are feeling the strain on being homebound, not being able to go to places you visit often and of course, not seeing friends and family as you're accustomed to. Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. FaceTime or WhatsApp, among others, are great apps where you can utilize the image feature to connect virtually with family and friends. Zoom allows you to invite a group to chat with which can make it even more exciting!

2. With that idea in mind, host a virtual "play date" for your kiddos. Consider creating a free iCloud account and use an old iPhone or iPad (or alternate brand) so your children can have time with their friends without occupying your phone.

3. Toy Rotation - Consider picking up some toys and storing them for a week or two and bringing them out to play at a later time to freshen up the options. Signs of boredom in little ones: Fussing or whining, struggling to focus or engage in play, becoming more aggressive. If you see these signs, it may be time to switch up the environment or toys.

4. Here are some outside play ideas for toddlers:

  • Paint with water. Fill a cup with water and give your child a brush to “paint” the sidewalk, door, etc.

  • Play ‘I spy’ (keep it simple, “I spy something blue”, “I spy something that moves”).

  • Kick, roll, or toss a ball back and forth.

  • Dig in the dirt (don’t forget buckets, bowls, measuring cups, spoons, gardening tools, whatever you have!).

  • Collect rocks or leaves, then sort them by size, color, and shape.

  • Play with sidewalk chalk: draw pictures, trace one another’s outline, and more.

  • Pretend to be the different animals you might see in your neighborhood: Birds, squirrels, rabbits, deer, etc.

5. Keep a schedule. If you're working at home with children then we know you have twice the challenge. Maintaining a schedule and habit helps your child and also you. We've posted a sample schedule here to consider.

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