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8 Crazy Paint Ideas!

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

When it comes to paint, it's a favorite activity for children as well as the whole family! Check out some ways to put a fun twist on painting:

1. Fork Painting

No explanation needed! Pull out some utensils and have fun! via kidsplaybox

2. Paint-sicles

Pour paint into ice cube trays, freeze and you're ready for fun! via learnwithplayathome

3. Q-tip Painting

Keeping it exciting with q-tips! via HandsOnAsWeGrow

4. Straw Blowing

This one may need some supervision as some may suck rather than blow. via ImaginationTree

5. Bubble Wrap

You can cut into shapes & increase sensory with some leftover bubble wrap! via Imgrum

6. Tape Resist Art

A little painter's "blue tape" and a fun project! via TheWriteBalance

7. Cotton Ball Painting

Time for squishy fun with cotton balls! via sugarspiceandglitter

8. Sponge Painting

Any sponge will do and makes for a great experience! via busytoddler

9. Imagination Paint!

Fingers, squirt guns, name it and together with paint it can be a grand experience! Enjoy!!

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