New Families


1. Creates a Sense of Community & Builds School Spirit. Uniforms build a feeling of teamwork and togetherness throughout the student body and wearing your logo every day builds school pride.

2. Improved Safety Feature. Uniforms easily identify students, and they also ensure children are properly dressed for various activities.

3. Breaks Down Barriers & Reduces Peer pressure. With uniforms, there is no need to worry about impressing others since all students dress the same.

4. Creates a Learning Atmosphere. When dressed in a uniform, distractions are reduced.
5. Saves Time and It Is Easier! Uniforms are the hassle-free option of getting dressed in the morning.


How do you communicate and how can I stay up-to-date?

There are several ways we communicate and keep you about alerted for upcoming events and happenings in the school.
PARENT PORTAL: Everything you need will be found in your Parent Portal, however there are severl additional ways we will get news and information out to you: SCHOOL CALENDAR: Provided to you either at enrollment, posted on your child’s classroom “Parent Board” or download a copy at DAILY REPORTS: Teachers communicate with you on how your child’s day was via our messaging program "KidReports". If at any time you need to schedule a meeting with your teacher or the leadership team, simply contact us and we’re happy to help!

UPCOMING EVENTS: You can find reminders on your child's "Daily Report", at the school front entrance, classroom entrance, on our website. EMERGENCIES: Enrolled families receive emergency alerts via email or text. These alerts will keep you informed of school closing, inclement weather, lockdowns, etc. Please login to the school's "Parent Portal" if your contact information should change.

When is "Valet Pick Up"

This is a car line service to help us keep traffic congestion at a minimum while providing a safe solution for our students who do not stay for after school care or enrichment programs. This is a convenient pick up system offered to families between 2:00p - 2:30p. You can learn more about "Valet Pick Up" here. If you arrive at the school during this time, please do not park or leave your vehicle unattended. An SGA team member will assist your child inside the vehicle. For after care and enrichment programs, visit our co-curricular program page here.

Where can I find the school menu?

Menus are always posted in the Lobby and on the Classroom Parent Board. Lunch is provided exclusively by Spanish Grove Academy. Families may provide meals or snacks for children who require a special diet due to religious / cultural values OR due to allergy, food intolerance or health restrictions (health care provider or dietitian document required).

When is Portrait Day?

Portrait Days are published on the school calendar. For fall pictures in September, students do wear their school uniform. For Spring portraits students DO NOT have to wear uniforms. Pre-K graduation photos are also taken during the Spring.

Where can I purchase the school uniform?

Uniforms during the academic Fall and Spring Semesters are expected every day for Pre-K2, Pre-K3, Pre-K4 and above. Uniforms are not included in the cost of tuition. To purchase your child’s uniform, visit and enter school code 900176439. We have partnered with LandsEnd School Uniforms as our official uniform provider with permission to use the offical school logo to provide our families a high quality uniform option. We have received rave reviews from families about the quality, durability of the clothing and the amazing customer service. We encourage you to sign up for LandsEnd’s mailing list to receive exclusive offers and discounts. If you would like to see samples, please stop by the front reception desk. As always, we will continue the tradition of special clothing days like pajama, super hero day and more!

Do I need to purchase school supplies?

Students in Pre-K3, Pre-K4 and Advanced classes will have limited supplies needed. Supplies can be either purchased at the local store or in supply packs ranging from $33 - $60 depending on grade. Backpacks are optional and not required for grades under Kindergarten.

Can I become a volunteer?

We always appreciate help and support from our SGA families! Each teacher has classroom sign up sheets for Parent Volunteers. Outside of school events or classroom visits, anyone who actively volunteers, including field trips, must complete fingerprints and a background check. Feel free to check in with your child's teacher to see how you can get involved.

What events should I attend?

There are many opportunities for you to visit your child at school during the year. At this time, there are four major events our families typically make special plans to attend.

Winter Festival - a student performance typically held off site for the entire school to enjoy.

Valentine's Day - Some families attend in classroom parties. Formal "Tea Party" for grades Pre-K3, Pre-K4 and above held in the Gymnasium.

Spring Festival - a student performance for all grades hosted in the front parking lot at SGA followed by a bike rodeo.

Muffins with Mom (Mother's Day celebration) - a brief student performance by grade hosted at SGA.

How do I ensure my child's spot for the upcoming Fall semester?

Parents ensure a spot for their children for the next academic year by completing our re-enrollment process. Re-enrollment contracts for the Summer and Fall are due by April 1st. Tuition deposits and Re-Enrollment Fees are due in June.

Where can I find a copy of the school calendar?

You can pick up additional copies of the published school calendar at the front desk or you can download a copy of the school calendar here.

What are the extended care hours?

Monday - Friday

Early Care "Breakfast Club" - 7a - 8a | Breakfast served from 7:15a - 7:45a

Afternoon Extended Care - 2:30p - 6:30p

I need a copy of my statement, who should I contact?

All statements can be viewed and printed directly from your SGA financial account. Should you have any questions, you can email

What is the SGA Spirit Bag?

Our Spanish Grove Academy spirit bag is an oversized, navy blue, zippered canvas tote with front pocket for your child to keep their personal belongings including their nap blanket. If you would like to add embroidery to personalize the tote with your child’s name, we can recommend Lucky Thread in the Vineyard Shopping Center. Additional or replacement canvas totes may be purchased for $36.

What do I need for Siesta (nap time)?

Your SGA canvas Spirit Bag will be used to hold your child’s labeled nap sheet, blanket and pillow (or all-in-one blanket set). Nap blankets must be brought to school on Mondays, and will go home each Friday for cleaning. For age appropriate children, may we recommend Wildkin (or similar) all-in-one nap blanket with removable pillow. Please, no oversized comforters or sleeping bags. Children may bring a soft toy (labeled with child’s name) for nap time if it’s needed. During Siesta (or nap time) children will not be forced to sleep but encouraged to relax and rest.

Do I need to purchase uniform shoes?

No, you are welcome to purchase any shoes. Tennis shoes are strongly suggested as footwear for the children as they are soft-soled and provide fairly safe footing. Sandals and “Crocs” are not permitted as these can be dangerous for P.E. and outdoor play time. Students in Pre-K2, Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and Kindergarten are expected to wear their uniform during the academic year.

Do I need to provide extra clothes and or an art smock?

Please provide 2 sets of extra clothes including pants or shorts, shirt, underwear, and socks. Please place each complete change of clothing in its own ziplock bag & label with your child’s name. Each student will be provided an Art Smock during activities. You may send a labeled oversized shirt (large enough to cover clothes) to serve as a uniform protector for lunch time should you feel it necessary.

Will I receive an entry passcode?

Parents, legal guardian or a designated person (as reflected in your child’s file) will have access into the school. For the safety of your child, please do not share codes with anyone. Persons without the code may access the building by pushing the intercom button. Children will be released only to those people designated by the parent / guardian in your admissions document. This may be updated any time. If for any reason you feel a code needs to be updated, please contact us and we are happy to help!

Do you offer breakfast?

Early morning care is provided for students including a nutritious breakfast (served daily to beginning at 7:15a and ends promptly at 7:45a). Between 7:45a - 8:00a, all classrooms will begin transitioning into activities and instruction.

Does the school have a cell phone policy?

In order to offer your child your complete attention as they arrive and leave SGA as well as a courtesy to other families, please discontinue the use of your phone while inside the school.

How do I know what my child is learning in class?

Lesson plans and the classroom newsletter will be posted by your child’s teacher on the Classroom Parent Board. It shares the theme the group will be learning about, the educational objectives / vocabulary and the activities planned.

It's so exciting for us when we welcome you as part of the "SGA Family"! There are so many wonderful things in store for you and your child. The information we have provided here on this page will hopefully help navigate you through your first year at Spanish Grove Academy!