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3 - 5 year olds  - Sea Life

Children will learn and explore ocean life and sea animals.

Spanish Conversation

Fui al mar y vi un delfín saltando. I went to the sea and saw a dolphin jumping.

 Yo vi una ballena, y estaba soplando agua.  I saw a whale, and it was blowing water​.


mar (sea)  olas (waves)  estrella de mar (starfish)  delfín (dolphin)  ballena (whale)  pulpo (octopus)  tiburón (shark)  cangrejo (crab)  pez (fish)


- Practice patterning using different types and sizes of seashells.
- Using a marker, write a number and draw the amount of waves. Count gold fish and place one on each wave to match the number.
- Number recognition 1-10: Number fish cut outs and place in numeric order.
- Place numbered fish on the floor. Encourage sitting on the number called out.
- How big are sea animals? Using a measuring tape or string compare and describe different sizes. 

Science / Sensory

- Place a blue plastic table cloth or sheet on the floor and pretend it’s the ocean. Use an upside down table, box or card board and pretend it’s a boat. Place sea creatures “in the ocean water”. Invite your child to imagine the ocean and all the sea animals.
-Discuss how the ocean water is salty and why.
-Salt water egg experiment: Place water a container and mix in a good amount of salt. Place an egg into the container. Ask if the egg will sink or float.
- Talk about the Dead Sea and how it has so much salt no animals or plants can live there and humans float.
- Observe how the sun’s strong rays make colors fade. Place a cut dolphin out (or other) onto a blue piece of paper using a glue stick. Put in the sun for a few hours. Then remove the cut out from the paper. The cut out area will be dark and the area around it which was exposed will be light. 


-Cut simple fish from sponge and place in water. Using a clothespin, encourage children to “fish”. Using a timer, see how many fish can be caught in a certain amount of time. Opening and closing the clothespin will develop fine motor strength.
- Follow dotted lines to trace curved lines which look like ocean waves. Then cut out/glue or boats sailing on the waves.
-Practice tracing vocabulary words.
-Teach how to draw a basic fish and practice.
-Punch holes around two cut out paper fish. Lace them using string. Before tying, fill the fish with tissue paper.
-Review and practice writing first names.
-Practice letter A and E. 


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Mi Barquito (canto)
Mi barquito va, mi barquito va,
Navegando, Navegando pro el mar.
Mi barquito va, mi barquito va,
Navegando, Navegando ya se va.

This is the Way the Fish Swim
This is the way the fish swim, fish swim, fish swim!
They wiggle their tails and flap their fins in the deep


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