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Parent Engagement Page (PEP)


Our Parent Engagement Pages (PEP) is a "work in progress" created in response to the shelter declaration for the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand many of our families seek a school like SGA to teach their children Spanish but may not speak Spanish themselves. The purpose of PEP is not to replace SGA's curriculum, but to offer weekly academic & activity solutions for our families while not overwhelming them. We hope you find our pages to be informative on learning, fun activities as well as a resource guide. A few things to keep in mind: 

  • Keep it simple and fun! A large part of this opportunity is bonding, so anything your child does with you will be fun!

  • Consider offering “transitions” every 30 minutes whether it’s academic, outdoor play, eating or taking time out for a “siesta”.  We've provided a sample schedule for you to use and can, of course, adjust to your family's needs. 

  • Engage in technology responsibly by monitoring content and setting times limits on your child's engagement. 

  • Activate story time both together and independent reading. Make habits, story after lunch, the story before bedtime, etc.  

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