Spanish Grove Academy
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Private, Spanish immersion school in San Antonio, TX

Toddler - Early Preschool


Our program was founded on the success of our Spanish immersion Preschool curriculum. We start with the age of 2 when "language explosion" occurs. Learning A, B, C and uno, dos, tres...these years go by quickly and life becomes a whole lot more complicated but there is a lot of fun and joy that comes out of our Early Preschool Program!

Early Preschool (18months - 2 years by Sept. 1st)

The Toddler Spanish Immersion Program includes indoor and outdoor activities designed to focus on enhancing the simple joy of childhood while nurturing curiosity through exploration. Students flow between the classroom and play areas with activity choices specifically created to engage their small and large motor muscles as they develop language skills.


Students in the Early Preschool (Toddler) program must be a minimum of 18 months old by September 1st to enter our Toddler Program. Space is very limited in this program with typically 1 class dedicated to this age. Families are encouraged to wait list as early as possible as this program fills up quickly with siblings from currently enrolled families.